Primal - Jurassic I (Yellow Raptor) Contact Lenses

Primal - Jurassic I (Yellow Raptor) Contact Lenses


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JURASSIC I Halloween color contact lenses features a completely covered iris and pupil. A yellow base with orange veined interior on a mesh pupil, allowing for easy vision, with an orange outer ring.  Great for velociraptor dinosaur eyes, or reptile characters. Funky coloured contact lenses.

We spared no expense to give you the terrifying eyes of a dinosaur! Unleash your inner velociraptor with our JURASSIC I contacts!

Vision is slightly obstructed and is therefore recommended best for photos or in situations where obstructed vision will not interfere with performance.

Primal Cosmetic Contact lenses are an advanced hydrophilic made of polymacon. This allows more oxygen to pass thru the lens to the cornea, more resistant to protein deposits, less drying, less risk of infection, easier handling and lower cases of complications with extended use. 

One package contains 2 sterilized contact lenses. Non-corrective contact lenses. Please read instructions prior to use inside box. 

Once open the Primal contact lenses are good up to 3 months. Change solutions after each use to keep it sterile.

Base Curve & Diameter:  8.6 mm / 14.5 mm

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