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Rental Helium Tanks


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** A $100 deposit is also required - this can be paid at time of pickup by cash/debit or credit.  The refund must go back to the same card as was used to pay the deposit.

Helium tank rentals are only available for in-store pickup - or delivery in Barrie.  If we are required to come back and pick-up the tank after your event a second delivery fee will be taken out of the deposit that is returned to you.

Rental is due back 2 days after pickup except Weekend Rentals which are Friday - Monday, or when the rental period includes a statutory holiday which will extend the rental for an extra day at no charge.  There is a $5.00/day late fee per cylinder on all rentals.

Extended rentals by the week, month or year are also available - please contact us for additional information.

Balloon flying time varies greatly depending on the quality of the balloon you use as well as environment.  Smaller latex balloons like 9" balloons often only fly for a 5-6 hours, while 11" latex balloons can fly 8-16 hours.  If you need them to fly longer you will need a product called Ultra Hi-Float as well and instruction on how to use it - please contact us for more information.  Ultra Hi-Float is available for purchase on this website.  Mylar balloons 18" and larger will generally fly indoors for a week or more - Ultra Hi-Float is not used with mylar balloons.

Balloons used outdoors will be greatly affected by the environment - direct sunlight, temperature changes, barometric pressure changes - will all drastically reduce your balloon flying time and increase the chances of your balloons popping.

The number of balloons you can fill with each tank will vary depending on several factors, but as a guideline regular 11" balloons require .5 cubic feet of helium to fill correctly.  For example a 27 cubic feet tank ("Small") can fill up to 54 11" latex balloons.  This is not a guarantee - plan your helium needs accordingly.

Other common balloons requirements:
9" latex balloons - approximiately .25 cubic feet (1/2 as much as an 11" balloon)
16" latex balloons - approximately 1.5 cubic feet (3 times more than 11")
36" latex balloons - filled to 30" = 8 cubic feet (16 times more than an 11")
36" latex balloons - filled to 36" = 15 cubic feet (30 times more than an 11")

18" Mylar balloon - approximately .5 cubic feet (same as the 11" latex)
"Number" Mylar balloons - approximately 1.5 cubic feet (3 times more than the 11" latex)
"Supershape" Mylar balloons - range from 1.5 cubic feet up to 4.5 cubic feet so can use a lot of helium!

"Air Swimmer" remote controlled fish balloons - 4.5 cubic feet!

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